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Fast, efficient, and lightweight.
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Whether you want fresh ideas or to explore your passions on Facebook, find inspiration, experiences, and like-minded individuals.

Enjoy Facebook Lite Anywhere

The small Facebook Lite app saves phone space and works smoothly even on 2G networks without compromising its key features.

Explore and Grow Interests

  • Shop affordably on Marketplace, elevate hobbies
  • Personalize your Feed for preferred content
  • Watch entertaining reels for quick inspiration
  • Discover creators, small businesses, and communities aligned with your interests

Connect with People and Communities

  • Join groups for real-life tips and insights
  • Stay connected with friends, family via Feed and stories
  • Share important moments easily via Messenger chats

Share Your World

  • Express creativity via trending audio in reels
  • Tailor your profile and share posts selectively
  • Convert hobbies into Marketplace selling
  • Share everyday moments with disappearing stories

More Information

Meta Platforms Inc.
Nov 19, 2023
1.94 MB
Android 8.0 and up

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