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Your Health and Wellness Companion in Saudi Arabia
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Sehaty is a groundbreaking health platform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, committed to revolutionizing healthcare and nurturing a culture of health awareness. This comprehensive platform offers a wide array of services, from facilitating COVID-19 tests and vaccine appointments to managing medical bookings, reports, and online medical consultations.

A Holistic Approach to Health:

“Sehaty” not only addresses immediate healthcare needs but also cultivates a healthy way of life. It provides a range of valuable services, including health records, prescription management, medication guidance, childhood vaccinations, and the convenient “My Doctor” service. This aligns seamlessly with the Ministry of Health’s vision to elevate healthcare and ensure easier accessibility for all.

Key Aspects of Sehaty in Saudi Arabia:

  1. Personal Health Oversight: Users can actively monitor their health by tracking vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar levels. This continuous monitoring empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being.
  2. Health Data at Your Fingertips: “Sehaty” offers a user-friendly health wallet that grants access to personal health records and past medical reports. This feature simplifies sharing crucial health information with healthcare providers whenever needed.
  3. “My Doctor” Consultations: Booking appointments with certified healthcare professionals and consulting with licensed doctors has never been easier. “Sehaty” enables users to access medical advice swiftly and conveniently online.
  4. Child Vaccination Guidance: For parents, “Sehaty” provides essential information about childhood vaccination schedules. Parents can register their children for the required vaccines and monitor their immunization journey with ease.
  5. Medication Insights: Users can effortlessly explore information about available medications and discover safe usage guidelines, promoting informed decisions regarding their health.
  6. Trustworthy Health Resources: “Sehaty” offers a treasure trove of dependable health content and educational materials, ensuring that users are well-informed about a wide range of health topics.
  7. Seamless Provider Communication: Patients can seamlessly communicate with their healthcare providers and access their medical reports directly through the platform.
  8. Reliable Technical Support: For any technical hiccups users may encounter while navigating the platform, “Sehaty” provides dependable technical support.

Sehaty is a remarkable initiative that promises to elevate healthcare in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, enhancing accessibility and inclusivity for citizens and residents alike. Your health and well-being are at the heart of this innovative platform.

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