The Chase: Hit and Run


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Thrilling Open-World Chasing & More!
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Dive into an electrifying adventure with Amer in a vivid, expansive cityscape filled with immersive gameplay.

Unleash the Spirit of Chasing

Ready for high-speed chases and lucrative deals in this unrestricted open world?

Boundless Gameplay, Absolute Freedom

In a limitless cityscape, maneuver race cars and make your pivotal choices, indulging in the thrill of drifting.

Eastern Thrills Await

Experience the exhilarating pursuit in an environment steeped in Eastern culture.

Customization Galore

Choose from a plethora of character variations, tweak their appearance, and complete missions to unlock rewards.

Law Enforcement Experience

Take the wheel of a police car, restore order by pursuing outlaws, and embrace the other side of the chase.

Immersive Soundtracks

Turn on the radio in your car and groove to diverse music genres while navigating the bustling city.

The Slingshot Adventure

Utilize the slingshot’s power to explore the city, find secrets, and add a strategic layer to your gameplay.

Chase, Escape, & Earn

Engage in realistic car chases, escaping the police or driving passengers for a profitable venture.

Enhanced Gameplay

Enjoy a refined gaming experience with customization, police car driving, radio access, and more.

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Mad Hook
Nov 20, 2023
199.81 MB

What's new

- Adding IAP
- Bug Fixes


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