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Modified WhatsApp Application with Anti-Ban Feature
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WhatsApp Aero is an application derived from the official “WhatsApp” application, aiming to provide additional features and customizations for users beyond the original app’s features. WhatsApp Aero aims to offer an interactive and flexible experience for users who wish to customize the app’s interface and access new features.

Customizing the Interface: WhatsApp Aero allows users to change the app’s interface appearance and customize colors, backgrounds, and icons to suit their personal preferences.

Status and Stories Saving: Users can utilize WhatsApp Aero’s status feature to post temporary photos and videos, with the ability to save this content directly.

Enhanced Privacy: WhatsApp Aero provides additional privacy settings, allowing users to control who can view their personal information and content.

Sharing Large Files: The “Send Large Files” feature enables users to share large-sized files without the need for splitting them.

Additional Messaging Features: WhatsApp Aero offers extra messaging formatting features, such as custom text additions, quotes, and font customization.

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Aug 1, 2023
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