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Lite version of the Battle Royale game PUBG.
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PUBG MOBILE LITE is a game designed for action and combat enthusiasts. We bring you PUBG Lite Mobile, a version of the well-known and widely popular PUBG game. The reason behind its immense popularity lies in its unique concept: the ability to play with a group of players simultaneously. Friends often download and play it together, making it even more exciting.

The gameplay is highly entertaining, allowing players to communicate using microphones. This innovative feature enables you to engage with your friends, comment on each other’s strategies, and enhance the gaming experience. PUBG Mobile Lite can be played individually or in a group, making it versatile and engaging for various gaming preferences.

PUBG Mobile Lite can be played individually or in groups.

Individual Gameplay:

You can enjoy the game on your own if your friends are not interested in combat and action games. The game offers ample excitement and challenges as you complete missions and overcome obstacles. If you enjoy thrilling games, you’ll surely find PUBG Mobile Lite engaging.

Team Gameplay:

Playing PUBG Lite Mobile with a group of friends adds a new layer of entertainment. It encourages collaboration and teamwork as you work together to complete in-game missions. This multiplayer aspect increases the fun and excitement of the game.

Cross-Platform Compatibility:

PUBG Mobile Lite is compatible with various devices, including Android and iOS smartphones. It can also be downloaded and played on Windows computers and laptops, offering enhanced graphics and the ability to complete missions seamlessly.

PUBG Mobile Lite:

This is a lighter version of the original PUBG game, offering a similar gaming experience with minimized size and storage requirements. If you have limited storage space on your device or numerous apps and files, PUBG Mobile Lite is a convenient choice.

Game Missions in PUBG Mobile Lite:

After downloading and installing PUBG Mobile Lite, you’ll embark on an exciting journey of combat and adventure. The game starts with a large group of warriors on an airplane, each equipped with a map to determine their mission location. Players jump out of the plane using parachutes, and their objective is to survive and complete the mission.

To excel in the game, you need to be quick, resourceful, and strategic. Collect weapons, ammunition, and supplies that help you survive and eliminate your adversaries. Different weapons are available in the game, including rifles, machine guns, and grenades, each with its unique advantages.

The Battle in Different Environments:

PUBG Lite Mobile offers combat in various environments, each presenting unique challenges. Combat can take place in closed spaces like buildings or dense forests. Adapt your strategy to your surroundings, keeping in mind that enemies can be lurking behind doors, windows, or trees. Stealth and quick reflexes are crucial for survival.

Combat on Roofs:

Engaging in rooftop combat can be exhilarating, allowing you to take advantage of higher ground. However, be cautious of enemies on lower levels who might try to eliminate you. Maintaining situational awareness is key when navigating these situations.


In the game, you need to keep your energy levels up to maintain focus and enthusiasm. Energy drinks are available as consumables and can revitalize you, enhancing your physical and mental abilities. Collect them whenever possible, but use them wisely to ensure you have a sufficient supply throughout your journey.

PUBG Mobile Lite offers a wide range of supportive tools and strategies that make the game more accessible and enjoyable. As you explore the game, you’ll discover additional features that can help you master the battlefield. So, gear up and prepare for an epic gaming experience in the world of PUBG Mobile Lite.

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Level Infinite
Sep 24, 2023
729.49 MB
Varies with device

What's new

0.20.0 November Update: Winter Festival
Varenga Snow Fight
Winter Winter Chicken Dinner

Varenga's first snow and many snowy features await
Snowboard: New gameplay! Climb up a snowy mountain to speed downhill
Winter Festival "Specialty": Frozen Egg! Throw it to the ground for a life-saving Ice Sculpture barrier
Winter Castle: Grab your gear and adventure in a new area
Winter Festival vibes in the Lobby and Spawn Island
Universal Mark: Real-time marking gives teammates more accurate combat info


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